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Efficient collaboration: no loss of time or information.

Efficient collaboration: no loss of time or information. Smart Industry!

Inventory and lead time reduction, JiT delivery: it is all about sharing the right information. This requires good Partnership.       Cooperation. A reliable and long-term based cooperation, within which crucial information is shared efficiently.                                   Metalflex offers a partnership of this kind.

Our ERP-package system is our base. This processes forms the basis from which we process your data output into internal actions such as for production and delivery. This enables us to cooperate just like we are one of your own departments.

Metalflex has the following expertise in order to cooperate efficiently:

  • Connecting your and our ERP-software, via a portal or directly, adjusted to your standard (EDI)
  • Interface programming between your and our standards
  • Analysis and processing of your data
  • Dynamic forecasting
  • Masterplanning
  • Project management

Your advantages:

  • Efficient and dynamic cooperation: no loss of time or information
  • Real time insight into (your) processes
  • Low inventories
  • Cash flow improvement

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