The right material for every application. We would be more than happy to advise you selecting the best material.

Our standard material package consists of:

Hot-rolled galvanised steel (Z100/150/275 or zinc-magnesium)

  • Dx51+Z
  • S250+Z
  • S280+Z
  • S350+Z
  • S390+Z
  • HX420+Z

Hot-rolled pickled steel

  • DD11
  • DD12
  • S235JR
  • S275JR
  • S355JRG

Cold-rolled quality

  • DC01

Pre-painted steel strips

  • Polyester coating
  • Polyamide coating

Stainless steel

  • Grade 304
  • Grade 316

We guarantee traceability of the materials we use, from source till final product.